About Us

The staff team of exchange-counselling is committed to improving our services to children and young people. We offer face-to-face emotional and psychological support through counselling, play-therapy and group-work and we also provide on-line and telephone support. The organisation continues to review how we provide effective and efficient services and our aim is to work as collaboratively as possible with schools and services which exist to support the wellbeing of children and young people. We work with hundreds of children and young people every month in order to provide a confidential support to help them deal with current issues in their lives and to allow them to develop personal resilience for the future.


For each school there is a dedicated page through which all referrals to the service should now be made. This referral system has various security and data protection benefits and by doing away with paper referrals it also means it is a more environmentally friendly approach. This increased level of security and confidentiality provides more protection to the young people who are referred to the-exchange. The on-line referral system takes away the need for the school to provide a secure location for referrals to be kept and there will be no email record either because everything is now contained on the-exchange server. Referrals will now be received centrally and your counsellor will access them from the-exchange office.

Live Chat

Online chat and Telephone helpline Between 8.30 am - 6.30 pm Monday - Friday any young person can go on line and chat online to one of our team or they can call the helpline. These are fully confidential and secure and are dedicated to responding to the needs of young people. The online chat system provides a valuable way to connect if the young person is not able to access the face-to-face support we provide. The live-chat system allows young people to get in touch with us for any reason at all; it may be to check an appointment time, it could be to ask a question or it is sometimes used to begin their counselling support. Its free and easy to use. The telephone helpline also provides a similar form of free support which is readily available to respond to the needs of young people.


If you are using our services then your feedback will be very valuable to us. Please fill in the form and tell us what you think. We don't know if we are helping unless you tell us; we don't know how to be a better service unless you tell us. So we invite your comments in order to build an organisation which supports young people and responds to their needs. As an organisation we are committed to doing what we can to reduce our use of paper and to do what we can to promote positive behaviour in support of the environment.